About Us

In an era where businesses need to leverage the web to stand out, every online interaction is an opportunity to resonate, connect, and build trust. Metriqz was created to bridge the gap between web experts and businesses.

Fernando Diaz and Andy Tineo, the founders of Metriqz, wanted to make high-quality web services accessible to businesses of all sizes. Their goal is to provide the same top-tier solutions that leading tech companies use to everyone, regardless of size.

They assembled a dream team for Metriqz, bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds who have worked with leading firms. Each member was chosen for their proven track record and for creating the unique culture at Metriqz.

We are founded on over 12 years of trust and collaboration, with a track record of 100% positive feedback.


Innovative Excellence

At Metriqz, we believe that quality shouldn't come at an exorbitant price. Through continuous innovation, we strive to deliver top-notch services that represent the pinnacle of web development, ensuring our clients get the best without breaking the bank.

Collaborative Synergy

Our strength lies in our diverse, handpicked team of SEO managers, UI/UX designers, and developers. Built on years of trust and collaboration, we come together with a shared vision, leveraging each member's expertise to craft unique digital solutions that resonate and achieve results.

Client-Centric Vision

We see beyond codes and pixels. For us, every project is a journey, a dream, a vision. By placing our clients at the heart of our process, we ensure that every digital creation is tailored to their needs, goals, and aspirations, forging long-lasting relationships rooted in mutual success.

OUR Team

Fernando Diaz


Andy Tineo


Corinne McKenna

Lead Strategist

Eduardo Mercado

Compliance Officer

Jose Infante

Lead Web Developer

John Bourdierd

Marketing Director

Laila Mahran

SEO Specialist

Jimin Lee

Ui/UX Designer

Almanzor Vila

Graphic Designer


We have experience with great companies