About Us

In an age of digital transformation, every touchpoint online is a chance to resonate, connect, and lead. Metriqz was born out of a commitment to this philosophy, sculpted by a passion for software and an ambition to deliver only the best.

Fernando Diaz, the founder of Metriqz, stands out as a paradigm of dedication and expertise. Dual Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Economics have laid the groundwork for Fernando's unique blend of technical prowess and business acumen. For over a decade, he has been deeply engrossed in software development, honing his skills on projects that range from intricate websites and intuitive mobile apps to immersive video games.

His professional journey saw him navigate the complexities of big data and software at Twitter and later assume a pivotal role as the lead developer at Yellow Lion Media since 2020. It was during these formative experiences that Fernando built a vast and impressive network of like-minded professionals. Recognizing the unparalleled potential of this network, he meticulously curated a dream team for Metriqz, bringing together top-tier SEO managers, UI/UX designers, and developers. Each member was chosen not just for their individual prowess but for their collective synergy. This, in Fernando's vision, was the foundation of an unstoppable team.

But Metriqz is more than just a culmination of its members' expertise. It's a response to a pressing industry dilemma: the often steep cost of high-quality web development. Determined to redefine this narrative, Fernando established Metriqz as a beacon of both excellence and affordability.

At Metriqz, businesses find a rare offering: top-notch web development services that are accessible and cost-effective, all thanks to a team that's built on years of trust and collaboration.

Our Values


At Metriqz, we believe that quality shouldn't come at an exorbitant price. Through continuous innovation, we strive to deliver top-notch services that represent the pinnacle of web development, ensuring our clients get the best without breaking the bank.


Our strength lies in our diverse, handpicked team of SEO managers, UI/UX designers, and developers. Built on years of trust and collaboration, we come together with a shared vision, leveraging each member's expertise to craft unique digital solutions that resonate and achieve results.


We see beyond codes and pixels. For us, every project is a journey, a dream, a vision. By placing our clients at the heart of our process, we ensure that every digital creation is tailored to their needs, goals, and aspirations, forging long-lasting relationships rooted in mutual success.

Project Highlights