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CareAbout Health is a comprehensive healthcare network dedicated to connecting patients with top-tier medical providers and services. With a commitment to excellence and accessibility, CareAbout Health ensures that quality healthcare is within reach for everyone. Their innovative approach to healthcare management and patient care sets them apart in the medical community.
CareAbout Health needed a website to consolidate their medical networks and providers into an easily filterable page. They wanted to stick to a traditional medical-themed website that is responsive and needed help with their copy, which contained medical jargon that needed to be SEO optimized.
Created Custom WordPress Website that is Responsive:

We developed a responsive WordPress website tailored to CareAbout Health’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility across all devices.

Worked with the Team to Create SEO Optimized Medical Copy:

Our team collaborated with CareAbout Health to craft SEO optimized copy that effectively communicates complex medical information in an accessible manner.

Created an Easy to Navigate Healthcare-Based Website:

We designed an intuitive and user-friendly website that adheres to traditional medical themes, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Created a Providers and Practice Group Page:

We developed a dedicated page for providers and practice groups, offering detailed information in a filterable format for easy access.

Team Page with Profiles:

We created a team page featuring profiles of CareAbout Health’s professionals, highlighting their expertise and credentials.

Comprehensive Training:

We provided training to the client’s in-house development team in order to update information as needed.

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