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Michael Graves Architecture & Design (MGA&D) is an architecture and industrial design firm based in New York City and founded by the renowned postmodern architect Michael Graves in 1964.

MGA&D is internationally recognized as a leader in design at all scales, including architectural design, interior design, urban planning, and product design. After the passing of Michael Graves in 2015, the firm continued to uphold his design philosophy, which emphasizes humanism, color, shape, and the symbolic content of architectural forms.
Michael Graves Architecture & Design (MGA&D), an esteemed leader in architecture and design worldwide, sought our expertise to develop a new website. Their primary objective was to enhance their digital presence by introducing a contemporary, user-friendly interface that caters to their extensive portfolio. The aim was to create a WordPress website encompassing over 70 individual project pages, integrated with a custom filtering system, a full-screen navigation menu, blog, and various responsive design elements. An essential requirement was for the site to be easily editable, enabling seamless updates by any team member at MGA&D.
Flexible Templated Pages for Project Pages and Blog:

We built a website that houses over 140 combined individual project pages, and blog posts. These pages each dedicated to showcasing the diverse portfolio and expertise of architectural and design projects by MGA&D.

Creation of Custom Filtering:

We implemented a custom filtering system, enabling visitors to easily sort and find projects based on specific criteria, which greatly enhanced the site’s user experience.

Design of Custom Full-Screen Navigation Menu:

Our team designed a modern, full-screen navigation menu for the website, providing users with an immersive and easily navigable experience.

Incorporation of Responsive Design Elements:

We ensured the website is fully responsive across a wide range of devices, from desktops to mobile phones, providing optimal viewing and interaction for all users.

Development of an Easily Editable Site:

By utilizing the user-friendly WordPress platform, we created a website that allows MGA&D’s team to easily update content, ensuring the site can remain current and dynamic.

Provision of Training Videos:

We produced and provided training videos specifically for the MGA&D team, enabling them to understand and manage the site’s content easily and efficiently.

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