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Blog Template
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Custom Sliders
Custom Wordpress Website
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Search Function
Site Migration
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Partners In Care is a leading healthcare provider network committed to delivering exceptional patient care through a wide range of services. By leveraging their extensive network of medical professionals and facilities, Partners In Care ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care. Their dedication to patient-centric services and innovative healthcare solutions distinguishes them in the medical field.
Partners In Care needed a website to showcase their services and network. They wanted to stick to a traditional medical-themed website similar to their sister company CareAbout Health. They needed a blog page with search and filters, as well as a practice search page with over 120 practices that needed to be organized.
Created Custom WordPress Website that is Responsive:

We developed a responsive WordPress website tailored to Partners In Care’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility across all devices.

Custom Blog Post Template with Blog Page Filters and Auto Complete Search:

We designed a custom blog post template with advanced filters and auto-complete search functionality, enhancing user experience and content accessibility.

Custom Practice Search Page with Filters and Auto Complete Search:

We developed a dedicated practice search page featuring over 120 practices, organized with advanced filters and auto-complete search for easy navigation.

Created an Easy to Navigate Healthcare-Based Website:

We designed an intuitive and user-friendly website that adheres to traditional medical themes, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Custom Forms to Capture Leads:

We created custom forms designed to capture leads effectively, enhancing engagement and conversion rates for Partners In Care.

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