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Smash Capital is a dynamic investment firm dedicated to partnering with innovative brands and companies. Known for their strategic insights and hands-on approach, Smash Capital has built a reputation for driving growth and success across a diverse portfolio. Their commitment to excellence and impactful investments makes them a standout in the investment landscape.
Smash Capital needed a website that easily showcases their unique portfolio and the brands they have worked with. They wanted a Team Page, with individual profiles for their members. They asked for the website to be elegant and easy to navigate. They needed copy for their website that was not overloaded with data and got right to the chase.
Created Custom WordPress Website that is Responsive:

We developed a responsive WordPress website tailored to Smash Capital’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility across all devices.

Worked with the Team to Create SEO Optimized Copy:

Our team collaborated with Smash Capital to craft SEO optimized copy that effectively communicates their brand message while enhancing search engine visibility.

Created an Easy to Navigate Website:

We designed an intuitive and user-friendly website that does not overwhelm visitors with information, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Created Custom Portfolio Page:

We developed a custom portfolio page that elegantly showcases a list of prior brands Smash Capital has worked with, highlighting their successful partnerships.

Created Custom Team Page and Team Profiles:

We developed a custom Team page, with the ability to create profiles for each member.

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